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What does ISY mean?

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18 hours ago, SpicyMikey said:

I give up.   I've spent way more time than I should have trying to figure out with ISY represents.  Is it an acronym for something?  I'm weird by I need to know :) 


2 hours ago, Athlon said:


I did the same thing.   I searched for common uses of the acronym ISY.  LOL   I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask   This is a small company with basically one product and ISY9941 doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.  It begs the question.   Thanks everyone for humoring me ;)

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5 hours ago, Michel Kohanim said:

Intelligent System!

With kind regards,

That makes sense.  Thank you for solving that mystery for me!  Been using it now for a few weeks and all is working perfect now.  

Thanks to you, and this forum, for assistance on a few occasions getting through the learning curve

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6 hours ago, Michel Kohanim said:

Intelligent System!

what about the Y?  Maybe it was named by one of us Southerners?  Intelligent System Ya'll.   Please, no oxymoron jokes.   :P

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