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Your Account Has been Deleted


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5 minutes ago, upstatemike said:

I got this email this morning... I of course am NOT going to click on the link. I assume this is a scam of some sort?

Universal Devices

Your account has been deleted.All your personal details and any uploads have been permanently removed.

If your account has been deleted by accident please contact us.

Thank you!

The Universal Devices Team


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Hello everyone,

Sincere apologies. This is not a scam. This came from our staging server where we are developing the store for node servers. Your production accounts are all OK and alive. This is sent to accounts that have not logged in for over 6 months. And, obviously, most of you have not logged into the staging server!

Again, sincere apologies.

With kind regards,

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10 hours ago, asbril said:

Good in this case, but be careful clicking on such link without being sure of the origin, but I feel left out as well ?

Using a mouse based O/S gives the option of cursor hover that shows what URL is in the link. You can examine the link before executing it.

Touch screen users usually miss half the Internet browser features.

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