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Everything (almost) turns on randomly and I don't know why


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I have an almost fully automated home - almost every light and fan switch is an Insteon dimmer or on/off switch - I have been experiencing an annoying problem for some time now - sometimes (almost) everything in the house turns on at once; this includes lighting, ceiling fans, bathroom fans and plug-in on/off modules.  When this happens, it seems to be an Insteon broadcast type of command doing this because it is virtually instantaneous - I have no idea why this is happening, nor how to reproduce or capture the event in the ISY. 

The only consistency that I have observed is that it is far more likely to happen during the day when people are moving about inside the house, opening doors and turning things on and off.  I can only recall 1 time where it happened in the middle of the night.  I do have a few motion sensors which are not themselves in any scenes - I rely on programs to turn on lights via motion.  Also, I do not have any scenes containing all of the equipment that turns on, which is strange.  The largest scenes that I have are for lighting only (Interior, Exterior, Upstairs, Downstairs) - then I have scenes for all Ceiling Fans, and all bathroom Fans.  Motion detectors are NOT tied to scenes because I have different programs for late night vs daytime behavior (I don't want any blinding light turning on in the middle of the night).

BTW - I have both an ISY994 with IR/Z-Wave, a Polisy Pro running several nodeservers and about 10-12 Z-Wave devices.  This problem occurs intermittently, sometimes I have seen it happen as often as 2x a day, but then sometimes it won't happen for 1-2 weeks.

My theory is that there is an Insteon message being sent by the ISY and some bits get corrupted and the message gets interpreted as some kind of global ON message.

Any suggestions on how to debug/capture the event causing this?  Or how to perhaps avoid it?  (Should I remove scenes containing a lot of devices?)  Or programmatic ways of detection and mitigation?

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@JTsao, This has been an issue mentioned for many years. Usually this is related to the battery failing on the old version 1 Insteon motion sensor or caused by programming issues with the keypadlinks. Here is some information:


There is also a very long thread on this Forum but I can't locate it. You should search...

Since getting rid of all my MS1s and following the KPL best programming practice, I haven't had any all-ON events (for years now).


Good Luck

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