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Why is it?


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Restore - at least in my experience - does not restore the button mode of a KPL - 6 button vs 8 button, nor does it restore the button toggle mode. I don't use button grouping so I can't speak to that issue.


All of these features are remote configurable - I just wonder why restore doesn't 'fully' restore? Is it just the way it's working in MY installation? Or is this the way ISY restore is written?


I only ask because I have quite a number of KPL's that are not configured as their 'default' - 6 or 8 button. So if I want to restore after a reset then I first have to configure it to the right number of buttons, then restore, then reset my button toggle modes. It seems like a lot of steps that ISY could be handling for me.


Don't take me wrong... I'm not griping - I'm just wondering if this is a problem that is unique to me or if it's just the way it is or if the plan is to eventually fully restore a KPL



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Hi Mark,


2.7.11 restores button toggle modes, button groupings, and mutex buttons. This said, however, depending on which firmware you used to create your scenes, there might be some issues.


ISY does not and cannot restore an 8 button to 6 button and vice versa. ISY assumes your buttons configurations are as they were.


With kind regards,


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