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Curated Answers to general eisy questions.


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With the newly released eisy, I figured I would take some time to answer the most common questions and combine them in 1 place with answers (and links when possible for additional information). 

Hopefully, this helps those who aren't frequent visitors to the forums easily find the answers to their questions and frees up @Michel Kohanimand his team time to focus on their new big thing. 

What is eisy and why is it called that?:

eisy is the next generation controller for UDI. While polisy replaced the 994, eisy is replacing Polisy. 

Its name is derived from the Isy and the challenges people had in the past with saying it's name. 

Is there a regular and a pro version?

Not anymore! While there were plans for 2 versions, due to unforeseen circumstances that plan has changed. For the foreseeable future, there will be only 1 version for sale. 

Why so soon after polisy?: 

COVID. Unfortunately it became hard to source the parts needed to continue making polisy so UDI needed to take a different path. While polisy has been discontinued for that reason, it will continue to receive updates to enhance it's capabilities and features unlike the 994 which will only receive security updates. 

Any Discounts available?

For vetted developers yes.

Discounts can also be had for Isy users who purchased their system from 2019 and later (excludes eBay/2nd hand purchases).

Polisy user discounts range from $45 to $90 depending on age and whether you have the standard polisy or pro version. More information can be found on the eisy sales page 

What if I already purchased polisy? 

No fear. As I mentioned earlier, Polisy will continue to be supported and upgraded alongside the eisy for the next 3 years. You're more than welcome to upgrade if you just want a shiny new toy but it's not necessary. 

Why should I buy one?

Only you can answer this question. If you have a polisy, I'd say don't unless you simply want a new toy, have money burning a hole in your pocket, or simply to support UDI.

If you have a 994 then it becomes more clear. If you're looking to upgrade (and stay in the UDI ecosystem) then it's the only thing available.

Insteon only: For those satisfied with their 994, only have insteon, and aren't looking at expanding your automation, then you can stay with the 994 and do nothing. eisy means nothing for you at this time. 

NEW INSTEON LINE: Insteon has released a new line of devices using their new I3 protocol (previously the unreleased Nokia line). While backwards compatible with older insteon devices; polisy nor EISY currently supports it. While Michel has stated they are willing to add them to polisy and eisy via a firmware update (ISY will not be included), this will not happen UNLESS insteon provides the necessary documentation for them to do so. UDI will not reverse engineer the new line in order to get them to add to the system. There is no guarantee this will happen so buy at your own risk. 

Technically, the devices will add to the system but will not update with status of locally controlled. In cases such as the i3 kpl and dual outlet, only the main load will show up. 

Zwave users: If you get the zmatter board, along with your eisy, you'll get enhanced zwave support such as OTA updates for your zwave devices. 

I'm not going to go deeply into that here as it's a whole different setup. Once I get my hands on the zmatter board and can play with it, I'll do a write up about the new features. Until then, I can only assume different variables. 

What's a zmatter board? 

The zmatter board allows a person to use zwave and ZigBee based devices (upcoming firmware update) with their polisy and eisy. In the future, this board will also enable Matter support. 

The 994 is not supported so you will need the eisy (if you don't have or can't get a polisy) in order to use this board.

Polisy users can get the board without the enclosure and install it inside their polisy. eisy users are relegated to using theirs with USB. Polisy users who prefer USB can do so as well. 

You may also notice that the zmatter USB stick has antenna ports on it. The board does come with the antennas for zwave and ZigBee...

What if I already purchased zmatter board previously?

It's not a problem. The zmatter board is compatible with both polisy and the eisy. Whether you upgrade now or later, it'll still work. Since eisy requires USB, there is an enclosure available for purchase. You can also use that enclosure if desired with polisy. 

Why aren't we talking about Matter?

Because it doesn't matter (pun intended) since it's not out yet....at least you'll be ready for it if you the ZMatter board. Since there's nothing in the wild to test with, no one can say how it will work or what can/cannot be done. Anything anyone says will be speculation on their part. 

What about ZigBee then?

Zmatter board uses ZigBee HA 3.0 so it'll be compatible with other devices that supports the same (possibly backwards compatible) but that is not a guarantee. While ZigBee can work great, it has its own mess to deal with like zwave. For example;  Control 4 uses ZigBee but it's forked so it will not be compatible.

Hue is a toss-up as well. While you may be able to add it to the eisy, there will probably be missing features and capabilities. Until i get my matter board and eisy (time to sit down and play too), I can't answer what you lose should you use hue directly with zmatter. 

Since the board isn't out and no one has had an opportunity to use it with existing products, we're all in the dark when it comes to compatibility. It will be trial and error for us all as not everything will be supported.  We'll ll be trailblazers for this one. 

How do I use Insteon with eisy?

eisy supports the 2413u and 2448a7 plms directly via it's USB ports. Those with the 2413s (or2412s) will need the db9 cable that comes with the 2413s (hidden in box sleeve) along with an adapter to connect it to the USB port. For those without the cable, you can either buy one or make your own (another option). You'll still need the previously mentioned adapter should you choose to go this route. 

UDI also has a serial plm kit (PLM not included) available which is probably the easiest solution for those who do not have their cable. 

Unlike Polisy, does eisy offer IR?

Nope! Not at all. Unfortunately for those who still use IR for automation, they'll have to find other alternatives or stick with their 994.

What about my existing system?

You'll be able to transfer your existing set up if you have an Isy99, 994, or polisy. As always, make sure you have a current backup saved. As a matter of fact, go ahead and make a backup now so you know that you're ready 😊.

For those with zwave, you'll be able to migrate to the zmatter board. This includes Isy users with the 300 and 500 board. 

node servers- yes but they'll need to be PG3 node servers.

PG2 is deprecated so development on it has stopped. This doesn't apply to eisy but i decided to add it just in case someone who wasn't aware will now know. 

What about Polyglot?

Unfortunately for users of PG2 node servers, you will not be able to continue using those with eisy. eisy uses a more secure version on PG3 called pg3x so PG2 node servers will not run on it. 

What type of performance gains will I see?

With newer hardware, eisy will obviously process things much quicker compared to polisy and especially the 994. You'll see your biggest jumps in performance if coming from the 994 to eisy than you will if moving from polisy to eisy. With that said, it is more than capable of carrying us for the next few years. You can also run Home assistant on it should you choose at your own risk. 

Do we get a new Admin Console as well?

Nope. The latest Java Based admin console is used across all platforms using the  IoX  icon. Its no different than the old icon. 

What is UD Mobile?

Universal devices very own app to control your devices for those who still want app control. It also allows you to do some programming and custom setups. 

With the ZMatter board, you'll be able to use your phone to add zwave devices via QR code. The app is available for crapple and android via their stores. Windows 11 support is coming though not available at this time. I don't use the app personally so i can't answer any detailed questions about it. 

Hopefully this helps those with questions. If more questions pop up, I think of any, or someone else has something to add, I'll do my best to add it to here to keep it updated. 


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