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ISY994 V5.3.4 Queries Battery Powered 2844-222 MS-II Sensor during My Lighting Query


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Just realized that this was occurring.  During a query of "My Lighting" the ISY interrogates battery powered MS-II Sensors.  As shown below there is no response to the query (as expected).  The ISY does not appear to flag this as an error, nor does is query my MS-I sensors.  It does introduce a rather long delay in querying the system while it waits for the 3-retries to time out.  Multiply this by 5 sensors and you have close to 2 minutes waiting for timeout.

It does not interrogate the sensor if it is disabled.  Unfortunately, 3 of my sensors are used in programs.

I plan to get around the problem by creating a "My Lighting Query" scene that doesn't include the motion sensors.

Not sure if this occurs on other revisions of the 994, IoP, or the Eisy.



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2 hours ago, MrBill said:

excellent catch!   Seems like a simple fix, hope @Michel Kohanim takes note since there isn't a forum bug submission/tracking process.

Perhaps we need an individual "Do not query" selection for each device instead of a group select/deselect. I have three MS II on AC and several MS 1's on battery power but some were planed to be on AC originally, also.

I find the battery device query hasn't  stayed turned off since IoP was released, anyway.
UPDATE: Just checked on v5.5.0 and it kept it's Off setting with A/C reload, finally.


Now to see if I can get Insteon to fix the MS II timer bug before re-releasing it.

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