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Portal shows Polisy offline (and I can't get up)


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@SSamuels why hide generic screen shots in a PDF? Very unhelpful to have to download a file to only have screen shots. You can paste screen shots directly into your post (if on a computer). When posting you can double click the image after pasting it to make it smaller on the post and still be clickable (by the reader) to see a larger image (that has better quality than the images in your PDF). 

When you're logged into the Admin Console (locally) click on the configuration tab. Is Portal showing active? You might need to revoke and then re-add the IoP to the Portal to send approval to the device again.

Please review: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=Main_Page#ISY_Cannot_Communicate_with_ISY_Portal


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Thanks laryyllix & Geddy:

After rebooting the Polisy & router - On the AD Config tab the Portal is shown as 'Online' and the AC was connected to the Node Server.

After a couple of minutes, the AC prompts again for User Name & Password and then throws an error message: "Socket Open failed java.net. ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information". When this happens the Portal shows the ISY is Offline.

Geddy: Thanks for the information on attached images vs. pdf.

I don't know if this is relevant - my Java version is 1.8.0_333 and the runtime parameters are: -Xmx512m



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Have you checked your subscription timing to make sure it hasn't expired. IIRC you would get a notification about that but accounts can change and things get messed up, warning can be incorrect or forgotten about.

IIRC those stats are found at the top right corner menu of the ISY Portal.


Recently updated your java version?

Going to ping @bmercier, our ISY Portal creator and resident expert. Maybe he can shed some light on this.

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11 hours ago, SSamuels said:

Java version is 1.8.0_333

I think you need to update Java. What OS are you using? If Windows the Java version downloaded from Java.com should be Version 8 Update 351 (currently).  

Step 1 - clear Java cache (select all 3 boxes so it removes IoX Launcher from desktop)

Step 2 - remove/uninstall the current Java version and possibly run the remove all old Java versions (see Java.com site for this process).  

Step 3 - download Java from Java.com

Step 4 - download new IoX Launcher from UD site (see wiki for link)


When you get current version of Java and get logged into Admin Console make sure FW and UI match (Help -> About).

Set memory setting again if needed….I’ve not needed it on current desktop or laptop Win10 systems.  

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Larryllix & Geddy-

My follow-up. I did not open a ticket as Polisy began communicating with the Node Server - and I don't know what I (or the universe) did to accomplish this. I won't argue with success. Christmas Ghosts In The Machine.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and thank you for the help.

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@SSamuels I guess I'm glad it's working, but what you're saying is working now is not the issue you posted as your thread title. You were saying that PORTAL was down. And the file of screen shots showed that the Polisy was "offline" according to the portal.

But now you're just saying that Polisy works with node servers. 

What happened to your Portal issue? You've simply ignored that.  😠

I'm so confused by what you think your problem was and how it magically resolved itself. Glad it did though. So guess you didn't follow any suggestions. It's just a Christmas Miracle. 🎄

You still need to use a different version of Java (current version is 8, update 351) not sure what you're saying is version 1.8.x. 😕


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Hi Geddy-

My bad. I get confused on what is the the Node Server and the Portal. I will need to be clearer in the future.

As far as the resolution goes, I tried a number of things, but am not sure what caused the resolution. Again, terminal confusion on my part.

I just updated Java.

Thanks again for your time and recommendations.

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