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ISY994i reboots every 4-5 minutes

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For the past week or two my ISY has been rebooting repeatedly.  It works OK when it has finished but (obviously) doesn't while it is restarting and polls some 75-80 IoT devices in my home network.  It worked perfectly for several years until now.

UD Mobile and Alexa connectivity is hit and miss too.  Yes, my portal subscription is up to date.

I have tried shutting off Email notifications, and stopped polling the ISY's API with some Arduino software I wrote - this did not help.  I do have a Z-Wave module installed in the ISY.

Any ideas on what could be the cause or has anyone had a similar experience?



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I don't know what the cause might be, but I have a guess. A bad power supply for your ISY? Something I would try if I had a situation like this is to replace the power supply with a known good working one and see if that cures the reboot problem. 

I vaguely remember having some issue with my ISY a long time ago that was cured by replacing the power supply. I think most people at the time suggested the power supply or the memory card as being the culprits.

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@skydvrz Do you think you have a program stuck in a loop? Have you recently added/edited any programs? If you're able to get into the admin console look at the programs tab then summary and see if something keeps running. You can sort the programs by last run time to see what has run recently. 

As @matapan you might want to check the power supply as well. If acting normal the ISY should mostly just have a blue light on (I often say it's brighter than the sun because it really lights up a room). If it's not super bright then it's possible your power supply has gone bad and something is running to cause the ISY to power cycle when it's not getting enough power.


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Thanks, I'll give it a look and report back.

I am dreading replacement of the ISY and all the other stuff I would need.  Looks like ~$500 in my case (EISY, Z-Wave module, PLM), unless I can reuse my serial PLM (and it is not the culprit).

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I don't recall changing a program in a while.  I have *many* programs so it is a possibility that some variable or switch setting started an unexpected infinite loop.  I will check that next.

I replaced the ISY's 5V 300 mA power supply with a 5V 1A supply I had laying around.  

Nope... The replacement power supply didn't help.  It is still rebooting.  "ISY Connection failed" in the screen shot comes from my Arduino split-AC-Infrared-remote bridge log.  

I will do a backup of the ISY and then delete all the programs to see if that is the problem.


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You can stop all programs by creating a folder condition on the top image.png.b7e8f30b47c34efb0e622c343887992e.png folder in your program tree.  

Create one that will never be true, like any integer variable you have = -99999999 or something like that, then image.png.a5e208b2291efc7a567c9d2b12a37651.png


Also check the error log for clues as to what's going on....  Tools > Error log.

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I followed MrBill's advice and that seems to have fixed the reboot problem.  Woo hoo!

Can I simply disable each program individually and then slowly add them back in to find the culprit?  I have close to 50 programs running so it is going to be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Here is an excerpt from my log covering some of the reboots:

Thu 2022/12/29 15:05:41    System    -5    Start    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:05:47    System    -110022    /DEF/F6/I1/NLS/EN_US.TXT    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:05:49    System    -7145    ID 0008 :err=0, tag='/var', num=115, nest=4, of    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:05:51    System    -170001    [Network] Established    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:09:57    System    -5    Start    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:10:03    System    -110022    /DEF/F6/I1/NLS/EN_US.TXT    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:10:05    System    -7145    ID 0008 :err=0, tag='/var', num=115, nest=4, of    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:10:07    System    -170001    [Network] Established    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:14:13    System    -5    Start    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:14:19    System    -110022    /DEF/F6/I1/NLS/EN_US.TXT    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:14:21    System    -7145    ID 0008 :err=0, tag='/var', num=115, nest=4, of    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:14:23    System    -170001    [Network] Established    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:18:21    System    -5    Start    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:18:27    System    -110022    /DEF/F6/I1/NLS/EN_US.TXT    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:18:29    System    -7145    ID 0008 :err=0, tag='/var', num=115, nest=4, of    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:18:31    System    -170001    [Network] Established    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:22:45    System    -5    Start    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:22:51    System    -110022    /DEF/F6/I1/NLS/EN_US.TXT    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:22:53    System    -7145    ID 0008 :err=0, tag='/var', num=115, nest=4, of    
Thu 2022/12/29 15:22:55    System    -170001    [Network] Established    

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I saw that Program ID 0008 according to the error log seemed to be the problem - low and behold the status of my ID 0008 "Water requirements Midnight" program (adjusts the runtime of my veggie-garden drip system) says "Out of Memory". 

I will take a closer look at that one or just disable/delete it.  I am guessing it went recursive somehow and blows up the stack or heap.

So - A big thanks to everyone that chipped in with suggestions - Especially MrBill!

P.S.  UD could make the error logs a bit more verbose/easier to read in the EISY if they haven't done so already.

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Thanks for the offer!

I am just going to kill the garden program, since it depended on a weather node server that never worked correctly. 

I was trying to factor in Evapotranspiration (ETo) to determine how much water to apply and it stopped working when the node changed their API.

I need a different node server that provides daily ETo numbers and a rewrite of my program.  It ping pongs between ankle deep rain water and 120F dry weather around here, so ETo numbers would be nice :-)

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