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X10 Support for Eisy

Rex G
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I use Eisy and have 150+ Insteon modules, everything works fine.  I have a second spare Eisy, will it support X10?  I had a ISY994i that had an X10 optional interface in it.  Trying to get something to work for my father (93 years old).  I'd say just replace the modules but some are buried in the attic


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I haven't personally tried it, but "Send X10" remains in the admin console under Devices when creating a program. There's no reason for UDI to remove code to support X10 when moving to iox.

The thing to think about: Physically connecting from the eisy to the powerline for X10. You'll either need:

  • The right cables & adapters to get a PCS05 x10 powerline adapter connected to the EISY... USB serial adapter+ the right serial cable

... or...

  • Possibly an Insteon USB PLM. The question is does it support X10? It likely does, but a number of Insteon devices dropped x10 support. If no one here knows, you can ask on forum.insteon.com
    • If it does still work, a serial PLM does work but needs the optional UDI cable/adapter.
    • If there's a chance you'll build your father's powerline network with new devices, and the if PLM still supports X10, I'd add new Insteon devices and would get the USB PLM so both can be installed




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The PSC05/TW523 is long gone for years now. The XTB-523 is still showing. Since it used a unique set of commands and is opto iolator input signals. Probably not a good way to go.

I also think the 2413U USB interface still does X10 commands. As long as the eisy can send and receive X10 commands. If you had the A10/X10 add on module. To have the X10 modules displayed in the module tree.  I have not seen anything on it for the eisy. X10 support was one of the original selling points and I doubt it would have been removed.

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I had X-10 devices on my old ISY, which is now history. Along the way I forgot how to add an X-10 device (addressing problem I think) Can someone help me start putting some X-1o devices on the tree in eisy? Thanks.


ps. I did search and look thru materials but just could not find anything, hence this ask.


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This is a bit late, but It may help you in the future: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/ISY-994i_Series_INSTEON:Enhanced_A10/X10

Isy 994I User Guide: https://docs.universal-devices.com/production/ISY User Guide v3.3.10 a2.pdf

I still use X10 for my out PR511 outdoor motion floodlights that refuse to die after 20+ years.  I also have the optional X10 module installed which allows you to name X10 devices.  I doubt that's available on the Eisy.

Also have some old program code to query and send "preset dim" commands.  Let me know if you're interested and I can dig it out.

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