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Isy notification to iPhone.


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Does anyone know of any good solutions to have the isy send an iOS notification? I have it sending SMS but I would really rather it through the notification center. I have mobilinc, but I have not seen any similar features in it. I have a linux server up 24x7 so i can have it relay events from programs via the networking module. I am currently looking into growl, which may work. Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts.

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Prowl does exactly the same thing. I was just playing with it here. Much quicker turnaround than SMS/MMS to the phone and much less intrusive. There is a Prowl API so it may be possible to send direct from the ISY to the prowlapp.com server without the need for SMTP in the middle but I haven't dug deeper into that yet.


The iPhone App is $2.99 and the Prowlapp.com account is free. It does integrate nicely with Growl on my MAC as well.




Thanks for the mention of Push. I'll go have a look and see what it offers.


EDIT: I don't see an app called Push. Can you give me more details on it? Who is the vendor?

EDIT 2: Nevermind. Found it. Push 4.0 by Fabien Penso. $4.99 in the App store.



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Here is a review of two Email to iPhone Push Notification Systems: (Prowl and Push 4.0)


Prowl: Available from the App store for $2.99 Requires free registration with the Prowlapp.com proxy service. Once registered, you can create API keys for connecting devices/applications to your Prowl account. An API key can be used as an email address in the form of @prowlapp.com


Here are some screen shots showing ISY generated notifications sent to Prowl via email:


The right hand screenshot shows 2 of the notifications "Expanded"



Push 4.0: Available from the App store for $4.99. Requires free registration (via the App) with 4Push.com proxy service. Again, there is an email address assigned (Only one in this case) when you can send your message to be pushed to the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Here are some screenshots of Push 4.0 notifications:


The right hand screenshot shows a selected notification.


Both apps allow for connecting with Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds as if we weren't annoyed by those apps enough already. During my testing, I had the ISY configured to send to both services simultaneously and found that in each test, the notifications arrived at my iPhone simultaneously as well with about a 5 second delay between send and receipt. Both apps are universal and look good on both the iPhone/iPod and iPad/iPad3.


Things that stood out:


Push 4.0 keeps track of which notifications you have read and that status is shown across all devices that are receiving those notifications. Kinda like IMAP mail but for notifications.


Prowl is a lot more configurable. You can set notification text size from very small through very large. You can set up a "Quiet hours" schedule where only the badge numbers will update for new notifications, A "Do Not Disturb" toggle for times outside of the Quiet Hours schedule, Ability to redirect to a URL included in the notification (Maybe use this with the REST interface ??), Priority settings (-2 through +2 where 0 is normal and +2 can be configured to override Quiet and Do Not Disturb and each priority level can have it's own alert sound assigned.

EDIT: Prowl also tracks read/unread status across multiple devices.


My choice in the end is Prowl. Its cheaper, more configurable, it's "Inbox" shows much more history and navigation seems easier.


I hope this all proves useful to someone.





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You'll just need to register with Prowl to get your own email address, then enter that into your ISY under Configuration | Email Notifications | Settings/Groups. Then in your ISY program(s) use the Notify operation to 'Send Notification To' and select your Prowl entry to send the message content that you have selected.

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See: http://forum.universal-devices.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6981


This uses network resources to send direct to the prowl server and this way you can specify priority. I just finished moving all my high priority notifications to this method.




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Hello firebladeRR1k,


Yes, absolutely. It just requires a lot of noise from our customers!


With kind regards,




Add me to the list of noisemakers then!



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