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KeypadLinc Switch 2487S


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Using my ISY, I setup my 6 button keypadlinc to control my fanlinc. The top/bottom buttons control the lights while the 4 scene buttons (A-D) control the fan (low, med, high, off).


But, the ISY's "LED Brightness" control has no affect on the keypadlinc buttons' brightness. This seems so basic that I must be missing something.


Also, has anyone notice a soft hum coming from the keypadlinc? The hum is louder when switched on than off.



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Hi timster,


It all depends on your KPL version and ISY firmware version. We know for a fact that backlight cannot be adjusted on older KPLs. And, there were a few beta releases where ISY had a problem adjusting them. So, please do make sure you are on an official ISY firmware release. Also, if your KPL is more than 3 years old, then and in all likelihood, backlight cannot be adjusted.


With kind regards,


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I'm running the last version of ISY v3.3.10 and just bought the KPL (Relay v.41) v6.9.


Upon further inspection, it does seem that max to min LED brightness every so slightly affects the KPL. A level of 0 does not completely turn it off and the 4 scene button are always much brighter than the top/bottom on/off buttons. Is that normal or is my KPL defective?

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Right click on the KPL Primary node in the admin console and select Query Insteon Engine. Then try again changing the value to something other than the value that you tried last.



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I have a v.41 8 button. A value of 01 produces the dimmest LED backlight On level. A value of 00 is brighter than 01. From 01 each increment (02,03,04,05,etc) produces a slightly brighter LED backlight On level.


I assume the different between the large ON/OFF buttons and the smaller A-D Secondary buttons is the mass of the button rather than the underlying LED itself. Pull the buttons and look at the LEDs directly.


I'm running 4.0.2.

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