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One KPL button, two outcomes?


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Hi guys;


I'm hoping I can do this.


I have a KPL button that turns on some lights in the basement. (lets say 5 lights for argument)


When I press the KPL button off, can I have the KPL also trigger a scene that turns off ALL the lights in the basement?

(not just the 5 lights the KPL button turns on)


Its a little frustrating when I have to go down to shut off a light not controlled by the KPL button's scene.


Just wondering.



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Hi Andrew77-


You sure can.


Just add a program that looks something like this:

If Control KPL-C is switched Off

  Set Scene AllBasement Off



That assumes you have a scene defined that includes ALL of the basement lights. If not, just include the additional devices or scenes that you want to turn off into the Then section. You may need to add a 1 second wait between scenes or devices to prevent insteon traffic jams.



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Add a few second Wait before issuing the Set Scene xxxxx Off. The Program triggers on the first message coming from the KPL. There are several more messages that flow from the KPL from the button press. The KPL sending messages at the same time the PLM is sending messages can be a problem. One Insteon device will not purposely step on an Insteon message that is already on the powerline but there can easily be a physical conflict when two devices send at approx the same time.


Of course there could be comm issues. Turn On the various basement devices and manually run the Program. If devices turn Off reliably when the Program is manually run comm is ok.

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I tried adding a three second wait.


Still no result.


Do you think its to do with what I'm dealing with here?




This may be related. I have a remotelinc2.


I have it trigger two things at the moment. An old lamplinc which it does usually on the second click


It's also to trigger a KPL button which it always has a hard time doing. I'm forever clicking it until I want to give up.


The KPL in question is a device I cant write updates to. If I can get that working smoother with all this poking around, I'd once again be a happy man.

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Create a scene with all of you basement lights. Set all of them as responders.


Then manually turn the scene on/off from the ISY admin console. Do all of the light turn on/off? If so, then your communication is fine (at least at the time you did the test). If not, then you have probably found your problem. Especially if the lights turn on, but not off. That means that one of the lights itself is the source of your noise.

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I tried to turn the scene off from the GUI

No luck.


I seem to be having system wide failure here.

Every time I open the ISY GUI I get at least ten or so errors cant communicate.


If its noise I'm stumped.

The new thing I have are LED lights.

If the LED lights are off do they still create noise?

Should I try to take them right out and see if that works?

(I only ask because no one seems to think its the LEDs but I cant think of anything else thats new)


Thus far I cant control scenes from the GUI

I cant add a SWL that previously worked fine.

I'm getting multiple (17 at last count) comm errors) at log in.

Programs don't work.


Is there something I can do like reboot or re install?

Is it JAVA?

This is more than line noise. I don't have anything new to create noise.




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I tried to turn the scene off from the GUI

No luck.





Can you turn the scene on? When it can turn on, but not off, that means you just turned on a noise maker.


In short, no, an LED light that is off can not make noise. This assumes the LED light was turned off from a switch of some sort rather than having an on/off mechanism built into the bulb itself.


One way to isolate noise is to turn off circuit breakers. You obviously can't turn off the one to the PLM/ISY unit. Realize of course that any devices on the turned off breaker will give you comm errors. But you can really isolate things by shutting off breakers. For example, turn off half the breakers and see if the other half of the house works as expected. Then swap which half is on and off. Whichever half gives you trouble, then split that half in half again, and so on, till you find which circuit has the noise. Then track down what is on the circuit that is causing trouble.

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Also, make sure you do not have any baby monitors or INSTEON thermostats. If you have any SwitchLinc v.35s, they could certainly cause problems


Hi Michel;


How can I find out if the SWl is V.35? Is it printed on the unit itself?


Why would v.35s cause issues?



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If I remember right this is a new SwitchLinc. v.35 is an older firmware that has been replaced/updated several times. Michel's question was related to if there are v.35 SwitchLincs installed which might explain the intermittent comm issues. A new SwitchLinc firmware will be in the v.4x range or higher.


The rev 5.4 on the paper sticker is the device hardware revision.

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(Is that possible?)


Not certain, but I don't believe so. I understand the stickers on the units refer to hardware version, rather than software.


I would think that if you were to isolate the swich (pull the tab) and your system starts working, that would be a pretty solid clue.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Second night in a row all the lights are on in the middle of the night.


Could it be the Query?

(Its the only program that runs at night)


I don't have ELK. I have the odd deer that walks through the yard but I don't think they are screwing with my Insteon stuff.

(I'm truly sorry for that, I couldnt resist it)


I have no Motion sensors either.


Also, I notice many of the KPLs in the house have multiple LEDS lit up in the morning.



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I think I've found the issue.


When I swapped out my failing PLM I noticed a few odd things when I started up the new one.


I found kitchen lights would trigger when I would turn on a basement scene and other things like that.


This seemed to be the same.


I run a night scene that has an off program at 5:30 AM

Half or so of those lights were set to 0% and others were set to 100%


I'm going through my ISY and tweaking programs and scenes anyway since the new PLM so I expect I'll find a few other




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