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Problems after updating to new S/W


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Newb here.....Got my new ISY-944i July and have had great experience with it.  Running switches and Lamplincs and really like setting up programs and such.  These are awesome!


Last week started getting random lights turning on and off at random times (middle of night and such).  I've recently added 2 mini remotes and they have been running good for the last month.  With these random lights I didnt know what do so I reset the power and the network.  Still had the same issue.  Did the same thing the next night with the resets and decided to upgrade the S/W to the newest version.  I ran a back up first, but know I'm getting this error.  Anyone experience this?


-- XML Parse Error


-- Socket Open Failed java.net.ConnectException: Connection Refused: no further information










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Hi Zack,


I am so very sorry to hear.

If you are using a bookmark, please use the following URL instead:



If that does not work, please reboot and observe the pattern of the lights on the front of the unit.

1. If error light blinks, then the SD Card is either corrupt or not seated properly. Please try reseating the SD Card and then reboot ISY

2. If erro/mem lights blink simultaneously then the issue is network related. Make sure there's no IP conflict


If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support (links below).


With kind regards,


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Made it home and was able to get logged on to the isy.


When I see my devices none show their active state.  It says to restore the devices and I do that but then get the socket open error.  I've confirmed the network settings are correct. Its acting intermittent as sometimes I can log in while others not.  I deleted the java off the PC and re installed just to make sure there wasn't any issues there. 


Possibly I need to submit a ticket, but wanted to post some feed back.



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