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ISY994i not working at all


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Hello, yesterday I posted on forum that "strangely" my login and password to admin console did not work for my ISY994i. I also noticed a few strange things, like lighting not shutting off after a certain period of time, etc.


I was able to reset ISY back to default admin/admin and reset up my login and password, and again I was able to access the admin console. I did notice admin console running queries by itself. This morning, I noticed none of my programs were running, such as kitchen under cabinet lighting not turning on, etc.  I again, was unable to access admin console, only the ISY finder box would come up and show nothing. The ISY994i unit showed red error light, so I unplugged PLM and ISY and plugged back in, I did this twice. The first time the ISY came back on with blue light only, still not able to access admin console. I unplugged everything again, this time ISY has no lights. It seems dead. This is my 4th PLM and it is only about a year or so old and it is lit up.


Is there something I can do to reset this ISY994i unit or does it need to be replaced?  Fortunately I did a backup yesterday after the strange behavior, so hopefully I will not have lost all my years of programming. 


Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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Okay, I switched the power supply with my router switch power supply and ISY seems to be back up and working, although, my login and password defaulted back to admin/admin again. Otherwise, everything so far seems to be working fine! Never would have thought to check power supply especially since the green led light on it was still illuminated.  


Would you please send me a link as to where I may purchase an appropriate replacement power supply for the ISY994i?


I very much appreciate the help and glad I do not have to replace the ISY or PLM!

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Hi jpjoe,


I am so very glad to hear. You can purchase the power supply from Smart Home or our store (https://www.universal-devices.com/sales/?category=accessories). This said, we do not have good shipping rates for individual units. So, if I were you, I would buy one from Frys (anything from 5-30 volts, center positive).


Also, your ISY might still be under warranty and as such we would be delighted to send you one free of charge. If that's the case, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@universal-devices.com.


With kind regards,


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