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Insteon IRLinc Transmitter 2411T V1.A 1444 0570

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Hello Folks,


Looks like the "new" IRLincs from Smarthome do not play well with the ISY, cannot get them linked. Do we have a new build on our hands? 


PS. anyone know of a place to get older equipment that does work with the ISY? Seems like every time I buy something new I have to wait until the ISY supports it. 


Thanks in advance!



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I just recently installed an older Outletlinc Dimmer just fine (bought new off ebay) and a new Outletlinc Dimmer bought direct from Smarthome and it would not link.  It would not recognize the Insteon Engine.  I had to call and wait and wait for SH Tech support.  Finally get them and they told me it might be that the ISY does not support the latest firmware and I should hold on to it.  BALONEY!  I insisted on a return for refund.  I had also bought two of the IRlinc Transmitters and now I am wondering why they were so cheap.  I wonder if they have issues to.


SH is not known for consistent quality (rather they have very inconsistent quality). 

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I totally understand that from time to time SH is going to update the firmware and it's going to take UD some time to get it into the system. I was thinking there should be some sort of subscription or VIP service UD could offer to fund the "onboarding" of new firmware/hardware. Perhaps even let those subscribed to vote for the devices they want integrated first. 


Just an idea of which i'm sure you all have thought about. 


I guess my question is when will the ISY support the new firmware? :-)

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Thanks for the information. Though that is kind of scary.


Now that they seen to be having a clearance sale on them. $89.99 module now $9.99.

Normal sales page not a recertified module.

I wounder how they feel on taking the time to flash the module with the correct firmware for an ISY994i to use.

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Yesterday I tried the standard drop down Add Module method and it failed.


Today I used the Special Choice method in the Link Management drop down list and it did add properly.

I did notice yesterday the Add Module way tried I2CS messaging. As the module did report it was a I2CS type. Though it failed.

This morning with the special module method. It did add correctly but Event Viewer in level 3. Showed I2CS module found but reverted to I2 messaging.


The firmware found was v.4A


Although I was able to add 2 test nodes. The Device Link Table tests showed a mismatch with what the ISY994i indicated it should have.


Complicated procedure to do. So I don't know if I missed something or the firmware was the issue.

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I never did get my 2411T working. It came with a sender cable wired incorrectly. I rewired the LED cable that were wired back to back polarity wise. It works but the linking doesn't even beside my PLM.


It is sitting on the edge of the garbage can waiting for a push one way the other.




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I was able to add mine using the special drop down choice in the Link management tab.

Though it looked like what Michel indicated. Could not properly see any IR Links in it.

Mine is a V1.A, 1444 reported .4A firmware.


I have never seen Smarthome or developer Smartlabs have an official method to get firmware updated.


They said we do not update firmware or provide the source code to do it yourself. With the 5 pin programming connector on the main board and a programmer.


UDI may have a better idea. My feelings are maybe contract Customer Service.

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Just wanted to follow up with everyone. 


I went another direction with IR and the ISY. I am using 4 Global Cache's IP2IR iTach product. Bascially what this product does it accept tcp messages from the network and then sends out those messages through one of the 3 ir ports on the device. 


The following is an example of how to send the discrete ON command to any Vizio TV. 






The following URL is a great resource for IR codes



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Thanks for the information.

Since it looks like the 2411T is on its way out. As the price is now 9.99. I suspect when it is gone. There will be no more. So another device would be needed.

The 2411R receiver is no longer being offered for sale either.

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