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Age of insteon switch


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As I replace some of my original switches that have failed I find myself wondering just how old they are.  I've had Insteon in the house for some 15 or more years.

I removed one today that is a Switchlinc V2 #2476D.  There is a small number on the label that says 0713 under the 2476D designation.  There's another sticker that says V3.1 00618 and the insteon address on it is 0A.54.08

Is there a way to determine how old this is?


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That seems reasonable.  I have a brand new switchlinc and it's number is 4118 - 41st week of 2018 I suppose.

I looked and I have a brand new KPL I have yet to install from some time ago - still in the box labeled 4216 - so 42nd week of 2016.


Thanks - that seems to fit.



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I'm in Canada so unless you got it from Aartech then nope.

I got a new M1XEP today that it turns out I didn't need.  Gotta ship that back.  Got a new switchlinc today to fix a failed one and when I went to do that I realized it was on a light I seldom use so I just put a regular switch on it.  

I'm looking at some $400 in parts I have no use for lol.

Aartech is usually good to deal with but I'm gonna have to pay to ship it back.



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