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2442-222 on / off / stop


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Hi all,

Wondering if i can get some advice with my 2442-222 micro module...

I have it setup to control a powered awning.   When it was controlled by the Insteon Hub, the app would allow for me to press and hold the "open" button to activate the switch.  If I released the button, the switch would move to the off position.   Same for the "close" function.

I have just replaced the Insteon Hub with an ISY994, and am using the Mobilinc Pro app.   I have found that tapping on the "on/open" button switched the module to on, latched.  If I press the "off/close" button, it reverses the module to the other load line, latched.    There does not seem to be a way to get the module to the true "off" position where neither load is getting power.

Is this something that gets designated in the settings on the ISY, or does this seem to be an app limitation.


Thanks for any feedback.

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