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Is ISY Portal down ?

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ISY Portal has been down last night for about 2 hours and 10 minutes, starting 2022-11-17 03:17 UTC (20h17 Eastern time, 17h17 Pacific time).

The root cause is a failure of the database server, on which all services depends.

The service was restored 2022-11-17 05:27 UTC, at which point ISYs were starting to reconnect to Portal. This process takes about 15 minutes.

During the outage, access to Portal services were prevented, including Alexa and Google Home services. After service restauration, Alexa, Google home and other services worked again. No user action was required.

Most of the portal infrastructure is redundant, but the database server currently is not. We will be looking at options to further enhance the infrastructure uptime.




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I'm getting SOooooo tired (and the whole household) of hearing 'sorry I couldn't reach Universal Devices' and everyone goes 'NOT AGAIN'... how can this be made more reliable?? I'm using Google devices, others using Alexa, apparently, so it's not on my/out end...



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1 minute ago, MWareman said:

My UD Mobile app is not responding either - seems it is persisting in trying to connect to the portal.

I’ve had to reauthenticate to portal a couple of times in the last few weeks which I thought was unusual.

Not sure if it’s related.

I’m having the same experience with UD Mobile.

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Portal is now back to normal. 

We will analyze the logs tomorrow, but as a preliminary conclusion, database server was running at 100% due to a missing index.

Technically Echo and Google Home should now be working too. However, I could see in the logs that the issue is related to oAuth. So if the Alexa or Google Home can't communicate with any device, it is possible that the skill may have to be unlinked and relinked.

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