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Polisy NEM and ZMatter working


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 First off i just installed the ZMatter and it came up no problem, so nothing is the Matter!
Only thing is it never asked for a Version 2 as the pictograph instructions showed, for me it was just a check box.

Net Energy Meter Hardware:
 I have asked this before and@Michel Kohanimyou said to point to the IOP? Lets Please Slow Down a minute!
 Now I am asking about hardware for the NEM meter.
I have an ISY installed and it has the hardware to talk to, in my case PG&E meter i can point to that no problem!
Now i want to move my ISY to another house and use my Polisy here at my house now that it has workable ZMatter installed.
So if i remove my current ISY with the NEM hardware i will lose conductivity with my PG&E meter for NEM node server to continue to function, right?
So how do i point my IOP again?
Are we waiting for this as a hardware add on and if i have WiFi and ZMatter where would I add it, if it existed.
I do not mind leaving the ISY for the NEM i just was hoping to remove it and only have one Polisy running the house and for testing Poly's, aka
developed Node Servers.
Hopefully I am way off and there is no hardware needed, as I remember we had to go to "DashBoard" to configure the meter with installed hardware in the ISYpro.
Thank You for any Help!
Highest Regards,

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