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Unable to load programs in editor


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Stable setup, running for some years, large number of programs defined (and backedup) in the isy99. Running the last stable release.


Just today, for some reason, I am no longer able to access the programs for editing. All else appears intact when I load the admin interface (did try the main UD java link as well), the variable, the devices, and the system appears to be functioning normally., I can watch the variables changing, as they should be.


However, when I click on programs, I get the usual dialog box indicating loading - perhaps persisting a little longer than usual, and then when it stops, the program tab for SUMMARY and DETAILS is blank, except for a "My Programs" folder.


What has happened here?


Running Win7/64.


* Orest

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I'm experiencing the same problem -- a system that's been functioning well for several years. Now, when I load the Programs page, it's completely blank. This has happened only since updating to v3.2.6 (i.e both UI and firmware report the same version.)


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?




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