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ISY-994i/IR PRO + PML2413S setup issues


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Long-time lurker, first-time poster (actually just registered today)...


Yesterday I received the ISY994 i/IR PRO and PLM2413S. I also have the following - a couple of Insteon LED bulbs, two AccessPoints, an ApplicanceLinc, an Insteon Open/Close sensor, and waiting on an Insteon 2852-222 Leak Sensor. These devices have been collecting dust for a couple of weeks, waiting for the ISY and PLM to show up.


Now the crux of my issues - setup has been an absolute nightmare... I followed the initial ISY startup directions exactly per the Wiki instructions and YouTube videos.

- First, the PLM doesn't provide power to the ISY. Although this isn't a big deal since the ISY comes with a power adapter. There's zero documentation on any of this and that's 50% of the problem, but having read through the wealth of information on this forum I already knew that. BUT, should the PLM2413S be providing power? ...just want to make sure I don't have a defective unit (especially considering that I can't seem to set it up to work with the ISY).

- Second, none of my devices (LED bulbs, ApplianceLinc) are being recognized. I tooled around with this for about 4 hours last night and just couldn't get the ISY to recognize any of these devices.


I'm a super noob at this (although fairly tech/gadget savvy), so I'm sure it's me doing something wrong... Please help! What am I missing?


As background, I'm just looking for fairly simple home automation - lighting, open/close and water leak sensor detection, turn on tea/coffee pot in the morning and maybe garage open/close and some motion detection down the road.


Many thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi doubler11563-


Welcome to the ISY community.


The 2413S PLM does NOT provide power. Your unit is not defective.


A few questions:


1) Are you able to access the ISY's admin console ?


2) Is the PLM plugged into a power strip/surge suppressor/ups ? If so, move the PLM such that it is connected directly to an outlet with nothing in between.


If you are able to access the console, then lets start with a simple exercise. Plug the Apliancelinc into the same outlet as the PLM. Use a short extension cord if necessary. Log into the admin console and select Start Linking from the menu. Press and hold the set button on the Apliancelinc for 3-5 seconds (Until it beeps). You should see the Apliancelinc's address appear in the admin console in the lefthand column.


Once the Apliancelinc is added to the ISY, you should be able to operate it via the admin console.


Post your results.



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I appreciate the welcome and quick reply.


Good to know about the 2413S... there's some conflicting info online, but good to have validation.


No issues accessing ISY's admin console.

The PLM is connected directly into an outlet and there are no other connections on that outlet.

I'll follow your directions tonight (at work now) and will post results.


One last question - do I need the AccessPoints at all? I've read that these to enhance the Insteon network performance, but how do I know for sure that I need them?



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No Problem. Happy to help.


Glad to hear that you have access to the console. Now it will just be a matter of getting Insteon working.


The access points do 2 things. First, they are used to bridge the 2 sides (phases) of your electrical service. Most (if not all) homes have 220V electrical service on 2 120V Phases. Powerline communications don't travel well between the phases and so we bridge them with access points or hard wired phase couplers. The second thing an access point does is bridge the powerline communication with radio frequency communications (RF). Your 2413S PLM is dualband meaning it speaks both powerline and RF. In theory, you should be able to get away with the 2413S on one phase and a single access point on the other phase as long as they are withing RF range of each other. Many have found that the access points have stronger transmitters than the PLM and so most of us recommend a pair of access points even if there are other dual band devices about.


As we get further into your install, we will want to make sure that the access points are installed on opposite phases and within RF range of each other and verify both with a 4 tap test but lets get through the test with the Appliancelinc first.



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Xathros - thanks for the input. Itching to get home to get this test under way and hopefully get a light or two working tonight.


I'll start with the ApplianceLinc as suggested... Have a question regarding the AccessPoints - again, I'm sure I'm dense with respect to following instructions, but it's awfully confusing as to how to bridge the two phases with AccessPoints. Are the lights supposed to be green, red or combination of both (and are they supposed to blink or stay on)?

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I know that feeling well!


From the Access point manual:


Once you install the first Access Point, you will have about 9 minutes to perform these steps before the

first Access Point’s setup mode times out. If the first Access Point times out, simply follow the steps

above to put it back into setup mode.

1) Plug second Access Point into another unswitched outlet, preferably one located on the other

side of your home.

2) Watch the LED on the second Access Point.

If the LED is blinking green, proceed to step 3.

If the LED is blinking red/green or shining solid red or green, unplug the second Access

Point, plug into a different outlet and repeat steps 1 and 2.

3) Tap the Set button on the first Access Point to exit setup mode.

The first Access Point will stop beeping.

Both Access Points’ LEDs will turn on dim green.


So, the goal when doing the 4 tap test between the access points is to find a location for the second access point where it's LED blinks green during the test. That indicates that it is receiving RF from unit #1 AND is on the opposite 120V phase. Some users here (myself included) have installed dedicated circuits close to our main breaker panels for the access points and the PLM to get the best possible bridging and most central location for powerline comms. This is likely not necessary unless you find that there aren't any opposite phase outlets within RF range of each other.




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Ok, some progress:

- The AccessPoints are on opposite phases - confirmed with a blinking green light on the 2nd one.

- I did the Diagnostics PLM Status/Info test and it showed it as "Connected".


However... I click the "Start Linking" button and nothing happens. The ApplianceLinc is in the outlet and both LED Bulbs are on. Shouldn't these auto-discover?

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If the Start Linking popup does not appear a firewall or Antivirus is preventing ISY data from being pushed out to the Admin Console. There should have been a popup displayed with a Finish button that closes out Start Linking. With no Finish button error message described is the result of issuing Start Linking a second time.


What firewall and AV is being used?

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Just about to give up on this thing and send everything back... 2+ wks waiting to get various components; 8+ hrs now trying to figure out a simple auto-discover function. Absolutely horrendous!


There's no way that I should be turning off my AV and firewall to allow this thing to work properly. That just doesn't sound reasonable (or safe). Anyone have a workaround without leaving my network naked?




P.S. - the best part is UD support... or should I say the lack of it. I called twice today and both times a friendly female voice took down my contact info and said someone would be back to me shortly. Hey UD, how about a comprehensive manual or tutorial for a new user? After all the frustration, I'm still ready to fork over my hard-earned cash... just show me the way.

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Sorry, not familiar with either. Turn both Off temporarily. The ISY will have to be rebooted to get out of Start Linking mode. Before trying Start Linking again I suggest invoking Tools | Diagnostics | Event Viewer with LEVEL 3 selected.


With the firewall and AV Off invoke Tools | Diagnostics | Show PLM Links Table. Do any trace entries appear in the event viewer window?


Okay. Leave the firewall and AV as is. Do the above except skip the part of turning Off the firewall and AV. Does the Show PLM Links Table produce any messages in the event viewer window?


If not either the firewall or the AV is blocking the efforts of the ISY to communicate with the Admin Console.

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