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2441V Insteon Thermostat Adapter


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I Have tried to link an older 2441V adapter under version 5.0.13c  and some earlier versions of 5.0 but I keep getting (Cannot determine device link table address). I am not sure  at what version it stopped responding. Is the adapter just to old and will the Insteon thermostat 2441th work?

Thanks Gary

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51 minutes ago, garybixler said:

Yes i discovered it is definitely a signal issue. Unfortunately the RF repeater or AP can only be no more that 5' away. So I think it's  time to retire these adapters and go with the  2441th thermostat.

Thanks Gary

You'd be in the same boat with that one as well. The 2441th is still rf only. 

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I've had insteon devices disintegrate, one part at at time... some features work while others don't  As an example, I had one of my oldest inlinelics that was still linked to the ISY and keypads. Still worked for ons and off. At one point I was replacing keypads and wanted to update the link. No go, it could not be updated. So I'm wondering if its something like that


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Careful with the 2441TH.

I have have two 2441ZTH stats and the newer version (V.35) has never been controllable from ISY since purchase three years ago.

I can change setpoints and modes and ISY shows them all fine until any query. They have never changed.  It works as a probe though.
The older version 2441ZTH works fine except for ISY setpoint command line up/down always fails but never reports it.

Get a real stat where the electronics heat  doesn't throw the calibration off, between comm  transmissions.

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