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Question about scene controller/responders

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So I just received my ISY994IR Pro and I am looking forward to getting things up and running. I have added all my current Insteon devices and have done all the primary linking (door sensors for the pantry and laundry closet turning the light on and off). This works so much better than all the manual linking I did before!

I have a three way switche currently set up with one switchlinc dimmer and one keypadlinc dimmer. I created a scene for this and added both devices as controllers. Ramp rates and on levels are all set up too.

I have another keypadlinc by the fromt door that is controlling the porch lights. I wanted to set up button d on this keypadlinc as an "all off" button. I created an all off scene and added this button as a controller. I then tried to add the devices that are also in the three way scene and I receive a warning stating that the device is a controller in another scene and if I wanted to change it to a responder. If I say yes it apparently turns it into a responder in the three way scene as well, which makes it not work right. If I say no it doesn't add it to the all off scene at all.

So can a device be a controller in one scene and a responder in another? Or would I need to write a program to handle what I want it to do?



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A device can be a responder in any number of scenes. It can only be a controller of 1 scene though. If you choose to make your switch a responder in your all off scene, it will not effect the 3way scene. 

In your case, The D button would be a controller and the 2 switches for your 3 way would be responders. 

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