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KPL with Fanlinc, all fan buttons go on


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So I followed this guide: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY994i:INSTEON_Device:FanLinc-KPL_FanLinc_KeypadLinc_Configuration
One change I would add is to set the "Light" to be toggle mode so that the "off" button lights up when off (if in non-toggle on then all buttons are off when not on)

But everything else seemed to work great. Both controls from the KPL directly and from the ISY admin area are functioning as expected.

However, one thing that does happen is when I control a fan scene from the admin like "KPLFan-Med" On.. it turns ALL 4 kpl button lights on. It does put the fanlinc into Medium speed, but I have to go back and manually turn off the button lights but clicking the physical "Med" button which does turn everything off except the "Med" button.

*Note: I use "A" for off and "D" for high which is not the standard way many of you have.. but shouldn't be relevant for this issue.

Did I miss anything?






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1. You should NOT use the button grouping
2. I suspect a step was missed here:

Medium Scene

  • Select the Medium Scene in the network tree
  • Using the sliders in the panel, set the levels for each button and the FL - Motor for this scene
    • Medium Button – 100
    • Fanlinc - Med
    • All other buttons – 0
  • Select the Scene Controller button in the Medium scene. This entry will be red.
    • Click on Copy Scene Attributes from Medium


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OK thanks, good to know I’m not missing anything.

Some other people have said that functionality is not consistent with all the different nodes that are now possible. But still it would be nice if at least you could copy scene attributes for Insteon, so we’d at least have the same functionality as before.

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