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Portal offline with UniFi routers


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I have two different UniFi routers at different locations. UD Portal went offline for both of them. I have a third portal account on an AT&T router that is still good.

Looking in the UniFi app, it shows both UD devices connected to the internet. Anyone else having this portal problem with UniFi?


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There are a number of moving parts here. 

  • Did you recenlty replace the routers? The router provides the ISY with its IP address which is how it gets out to the portal. It could be as simple as restarting the ISYs
  • Do you have other internet services on the ISYs that are functioning, like notifications?
  • Are you able to access the admin consoles? If you go to the config tab
    • Does the IP config look right vs the subnet the unity's are providing.. the first three octets of the router and iSYs need to match eg 192.168.x, 10.10.1.x, etc
    • Is it set up for DHCP or manual address?... if you have manual addresses, that is likely the problem.. the new routers could be providing a different local subnet and the iSYs can't talk any more.
  • There are other possibilities like firewall but I'd start by looking at those basics
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My UniFi APs updated at 3am, ISY is plugged into a Linksys router and has no portal connection either. I can connect to ISY through a Command Fusion app from the www and everything is working there. Seems like a portal problem.

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I had the same issue.  I have a fully Unifi network.  My EISY went offline around 3 this morning around the same time as my USW Lite 16 PoE switch was updated, which the EISY is plugged into.  I rebooted the switch and now it is connected back to the portal.  Might have been an issue with the switch update.  

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