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Version 1.3.0 Professional Released!

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I installed version 1.3.0 this weekend.  The first version I installed.  I am having two issues same as previously posted.

The preloaded mp3 files will play but my custom messages will not.

I did the following as previously recommended:

sudo chown -r admin:pg3ns /storage/sounds

I get an error: -r is an illegal operation.

I did sudo chmod -R 770 storage/sounds

I get an error of "no such file or directory"

Also, the sounds that do play always play at 100%.  If you change to anything else, it always reverts back to 100%.

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These are known issues and should be resoved in the next release.

Re: your custom messages not playing, I had the same issue. Try stopping and restarting both the bluetooth service and the audio player. If that doesn't work then uninstall and reinstall the audio player.

 There's also an issue with the end of the custom messages being cut off. Hopefully that will be addressed in the next release.

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Apologies for radio silence. Almost all issues have been resolved and we're now testing:

Bluetooth service:

- Fixed pair/unpair issues (some older speakers still have problems)

- Pair to the last known paired device after reboot/restart

Audio Player:

- Upload a zip file with your mp3 files directly from PG3 (need an updated PG3 which is not out yet)

- Remove files using the Admin Console

- Volume control sticks + also works for TTS

- Fixed random disconnects in the case of having multiple instances running

YouTube (Beta)

Extract your playlists from your YouTube account

- Play or Shuffle Play

- Previous/Next

--- Need volunteers. If interested, I will need your email address. Please send to support@universal-devices.com with subject YouTube Plugin.

With kind regards,

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